Robert De Niro-starrer About My Father to release in India on May 26

“About My Father,” a comedy movie starring Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco, will be released in India on May 26 by Lionsgate and PVR Pictures.

The movie is based on Maniscalco’s life and follows him and his father spending the weekend with his fiance’s wealthy and eccentric family, leading to a culture clash and discovering the true meaning of family.

Lionsgate aims to bring the best and most premium content to Indian audiences and will continue to make big announcements throughout the year.

PVR Pictures is taking conscious steps towards showcasing mood-elevating movies, and “About My Father” is expected to make audiences happy.

Robert De Niro is selective about the projects he associates with, making this movie an exciting opportunity to see him raise the benchmark once again.

Lionsgate has been releasing content and entertainment that takes their audience base a notch higher with each installment, and PVR Pictures is looking forward to cementing their association deeper and stronger with this movie.

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