Best Exercise for Peripheral Artery Disease

It is also known as peripheral vascular disease. It is generally caused due to the improper circulation of blood, it happens when fats and cholesterol are at higher levels in the arteries of your legs and arms.

This makes it harder for blood to carry oxygen and nutrition to the tissues in those areas so this results to cause peripheral vascular disease.

Peripheral vascular disease is a sign that our body has more fatty deposits and calcium build up on the walls of arteries. Sometimes it happens due to aging, smoking, and diabetes.

Now we know in detail.

Exercise For Peripheral Artery Disease
Exercise For Peripheral Artery Disease

What Is Peripheral Artery Disease? PAD

Peripheral artery disease is the plague built in your leg artery that carries oxygen and nutrition blood from the heart to your legs.

The arteries are hollow tube-like shaped which helps the steady flow of blood without any clotting. So this decreases the risk of peripheral vascular disease.

As we read earlier that (pad) caused due to higher levels of fat and cholesterol present in our body so this stops the proper circulation of blood and results in peripheral vascular disease. 

Causes Of Peripheral Artery Disease

Well the reasons are many it will be growing age and diabetes these are normal causes and not in our control but the big cause of this disease is smoking as we know “smoking kills” if you smoke regularly so it soon affects your health.

As an example this peripheral vascular disease smoking efficiency causes PAD, even 80% of people who suffer from PAD are smokers.

Smoking somewhere affects your health it causes many harmful diseases like lung infection and also cancer.

Peripheral artery disease occurred due to a lack of nutrition in your body, like if you do not take a proper balance diet so it will affect your immune system and causes PAD. A properly balanced diet is very important to cure this disease.

Best Exercise For Peripheral Artery Disease

  1. Walking

Walking is very important to start any exercise, so try to walk slowly but in continuity, until you feel pain, if you have much pain in your legs so you can stop exercising for a few minutes then after rest continue your walk try to walk daily two to three times a day.

Do not forget the warm-up before and after walking because you are walking at speed so before any kind of exercise warm-up is very important to get your body ready for a workout also do the stretching exercises because it is very good for your muscular health.

if you are doing speed walking exercise first time so start with 20 minutes continue walking on the treadmill and then start slowly running you can increase your running time as you can like 10 minutes, the next day 15 minutes then 20 minutes as much as you can. This will show you positive results in peripheral artery disease.

  1. Cycling

Like walking is the best exercise for peripheral artery disease but if you do not like walking too much so you can also do cycling because it is also another important exercise that provides positive results for peripheral artery disease.

A three-month study shows that cycling can provide PAD patients the similar results to those gained from walking. It is not only helpful in peripheral artery disease but also keeps you fit. So try to continue cycling for 10-15 minutes a day. This will helps you in relieving the pain in your legs.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is another best exercise that would be beneficial for peripheral artery disease. You can do daily 15 to 20 minutes in an open-air area or in the ground. Doing yoga daily provides you with positive results because it not only relaxes your mind but also keeps your blood flowing without any clotting.

So it is another best exercises that you can do at your home without any gym equipment. Yoga also contains major stretching that keeps your muscular body fit and healthy.

Along with exercise, a proper diet is too important.

What Should Be Eat To Avoid Peripheral Artery Disease

A proper heart-healthy diet should be followed, don’t take too many trans fats also avoid simple sugar and saturated fats from your food this diet helps to reduce inflammation in your blood vessels and your entire body.

And if you are suffering from this disease so replace these fats with healthy fats like olive oil, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fatty fish you can also eat dairy products and meat but in limited amounts, and also limit sodium and focus on fiber intake.

A proper diet not only prevents PAD but also keeps you away from heart attack because most heart diseases are caused due to your bad diet routine try to eat organic food just avoid too much fast food and deep-frying snacks.

If you follow the right diet so it will help you to cure peripheral artery disease.

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