Matthew Lawrence Finds Love in a Snowstorm: The Story of How He Met the ‘Really Special’ Chilli

Matthew Lawrence, the actor best known for his role on “Boy Meets World,” is in love again. He recently opened up about his new relationship with TLC icon Chilli, calling her “really special.” Lawrence, who is 42 years old, revealed that he has “never had a relationship like this” before and that he is truly in awe of Chilli’s “morals and values.”

In a recent interview with ET, Lawrence spoke about how he and Chilli first met. The couple struck up a conversation during a snowstorm when they were both stuck on the same plane. “Really it was the flight talking and then afterwards saying, ‘hey, you know what? Let’s keep in contact,’ and it almost did not happen,” Matthew detailed. “Literally an hour before the flight took off, [the airline] said, ‘Okay, we got you on this flight. You gotta go.’”

Lawrence and Chilli were first linked together in August 2022, when they were spotted hanging out on a beach together in Hawaii. At the time, TMZ reported that the seaside jaunt was only platonic and that nothing was brewing at the moment. However, they made their relationship official in January 2023.

According to Lawrence, he and Chilli have a lot in common despite their different backgrounds. “It’s weird, you know, we have similar upbringings. We have similar families. There are similarities that you wouldn’t necessarily think between us and it really works,” Matthew explained.

The couple has already met each other’s families and everything went smoothly. When asked about starting a family of their own, Lawrence revealed that it’s definitely in their plans. Chilli is already a mother to a 25-year-old son named Tron from her previous relationship with Dallas Austin.

This new romance comes after Lawrence’s divorce from Dancing with the Stars pro-Cheryl Burke. The couple tied the knot in May 2019 after being engaged for a year, but they separated in January 2022 due to irreconcilable differences.

Despite the end of his marriage, Lawrence seems to have found love again with Chilli. He described his life as “in complete bloom” and said that he is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with such an “amazing woman.” Fans of the couple are excited to see what the future holds for them and are rooting for their happiness.

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