DRESSED TO IMPRESS Molly Qerim begs Stephen A Smith to ‘stop saying that’ after awkward live TV exchange

Molly Qerim, 38, shut down co-host Stephen A. Smith, 55, for calling her "Snow White" on a new episode of First Take.

Qerim explained that Smith's nickname reminded people that she repeated the same dress too often.

Smith doubled down on the comparison, stating that he only called her "Snow White."

Qerim admitted that she loves sweatsuits and that she would wear them every day if she could.

Smith suggested she try a blazer look but Qerim joked that she would need his paycheck first.

Fans supported Qerim's fashion choice and agreed with her love for sweatsuits.

One fan tweeted that they would wear sweatpants and a tee to work every day if allowed.

Another fan complimented Qerim's appearance, comparing her to an angel.